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Coming January 17th: SBC Raleigh’s Adult Bed Expansion


Strategic Behavioral Health is excited and proud to announce that Strategic Behavioral Center – Raleigh will be expanding their Adult Inpatient Unit.

The expansion of the adult inpatient unit for patients is designed to support the needs of those who have been experiencing various issues such as depression, anxiety, addiction, mood disorders, psychosis, co-occurring disorders and many others.

With this expansion, the ability to meet the needs of the Raleigh region will be greatly increased. Having more beds available in the facility means that SBC Raleigh can help address the growing population in this region, as well as providing the necessary help for those who require inpatient stays in order to fully address their particular mental or behavioral health problems.

Founded in 2006, Strategic Behavioral Health continues to strive towards being one of the top behavioral healthcare organizations in the U.S. Our goal at each SBH treatment center is to help our patients overcome their personal challenges and create a positive environment through compassionate caregivers, family, and friends that allow patients to regain control of their life during and after treatment.

Each of our unique locations specialize in an innovative and effective treatment process. We understand each patient has a unique set of challenges that almost always require a custom treatment plan.  To ensure successful treatment and recovery, each patient works with a team of trained professionals that setup a personalized treatment and recovery plan that addresses each direct and indirect challenge.  Through the use of an interdisciplinary team of professionals, our patients and their family can rest assured that they will receive an exceptional level of service and care.

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