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Recreational Therapy

Recreational Therapy for Adolescents

Recreational Therapy What is Recreational Therapy? Remember decades ago when we would constantly see friends and family members playing...


How Vets can find Help within SBH Programs

Our military veterans have served our country with tremendous courage and sacrifice. We often forget that military service is...

Military Veterans Returning Home

What Military Veterans Struggle with When They Return Home

The life of a military veteran is often very different from those who have not chosen to serve in...

Keeping Children with Mental Health Issues Engaged at School and Home

Keeping Children with Mental Health Issues Engaged at School and Home

Parenting can be a very difficult task at time for those raising children, whether you have one, two, three...

mental health future

Mental Health Today

If you take a moment to reflect on our society, and to a larger extent, the world, you may...


The Immune System and your Mental Health

Have you ever noticed how your mood can be affected by what you eat at certain times? The phrase...

An african american family whos father is a soldier in the US military, sits together in a park with their young daughter, playing and enjoying time together.

TriCare Health – Behavioral & Mental Health for Military Members & Families

North Carolina is home to one of the highest percentages of military members of almost any state in the...


Can Your Child Develop Emotional Intelligence?

Children often have the ability to learn quickly from particular scenarios, especially if the scenario ends with a negative...

mental health future

Mental Health Treatment for All

Strategic Behavioral Health considers itself a changing force in the realm of mental health and behavioral health treatment. Those...


The Benefits of Psychiatric Hospitalization

Awareness of psychiatric illnesses continues to be raised throughout our society, where an increasing number of adults and juveniles...

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