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Strategic Behavioral Health considers itself a changing force in the realm of mental health and behavioral health treatment. Those looking for Carolina behavioral health resources often find themselves turning to SBC Raleigh, which is considered one of the best psychiatric hospitals in NC. Our goals are to provide an atmosphere for patients where they feel safe, accepted and cared for by our hand-picked and very well-trained staff of mental health professionals. It’s a team environment here, and we are dedicated to helping heal our patients as quickly, efficiently and as effectively as possible.

So when it comes to actual mental health care and the steps needed in order to provide for a client or patient, be aware that there are still certain stigmas attached to those suffering from these types of behavioral and mental health issues. Even though we are relatively advanced in terms of the progress made towards treating these types of issues, there is still resistance from many insurance companies to pay for treatment for their clients. One must be aware of their parity rights in regards to their insurance. If you are finding your insurance fighting you for wanting to receive mental health treatment or advisement, you are well within your grounds to receive fair coverage.

In 2008, The Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act was passed, which in turn essentially required health insurance providers and group health plans to make certain that those seeking treatment for mental health issues had no less financial requirements or treatment limitations compared to medical or surgical benefits. In short order, one’s medical insurance cannot place limitations and deny you equal benefits for seeking mental health treatment. This was a landmark act that helped ensure that the future of behavioral and mental health issues is fully covered, whether seeking treatment at a behavioral center or psychiatric hospitals in NC.

So ultimately, because of the recent laws passed, your health insurance offers both coverage for medical AND mental health issues. Your insurer cannot make you pay more for a mental health copay than a medical copay. As a healthcare provider, keeping up with the new laws and rules, is paramount.  If you think that you are having an issue with a patient’s insurance, it is important that you document the parity issue and keep good records for follow up.  Understand the contracts for which you are credentialed and what the provider manuals for those companies say, will help you to stay within the timeframe allotted for authorizations, appeals and concurrent reviews.  This will give you much needed insight as to their plan details and often highlight parity issues right away between their medical and mental health plans.

More information is available from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

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