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Steps for Helping Someone with Anxiety

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Have you ever felt anxious about something? Perhaps it was a very important test for a school project.  It could have been fear about your job performance or simply an overall anxious feeling through an unsteady time in your life.  Nearly everyone experiences some sort of anxiety at one point or another, but there are many times where it can become extremely debilitating. When it reaches this level, it can affect one’s personal, social and work life in a serious way.  What do you do when someone you know reaches this level? If you know how to help someone with anxiety, it can make your interactions easier and help ease their fears.  Read on to see how to accomplish this:

  • Spend Plenty of Time With Them: Individuals suffering from anxiety are often worse off alone and lost in their own thoughts.  Just being physically with them can help enable them to forget about their anxieties for that period of time, which can be an enormous help.
  • Don’t Add to Their Fears:  This should be common-sense but adding to the fears of someone suffering from anxiety is unnecessary and potentially debilitating. Reinforce positivity, don’t bring up their anxiety issues unless they volunteer it and watch the words you say; even an accidental mention could potentially set their fears off.
  • Offer to be a Point of Contact:  Offer them your phone number or email, and mention that they can call you anytime, anywhere if their anxiety flares up.  Being a calming influence can make all the difference, especially if you are easily reachable.
  • Monitor Your Own Anxiety:  Be careful to not let them affect your stress levels as well.  It’s not out of the question that dealing with someone who has anxiety issues can affect you too.  If they sense and experience anxiety from you, it will only worsen their issues.

These are just several ways that one can have a positive effect on an individual suffering from anxiety. Behavior health specialists are another route that you can suggest, and our strategic behavioral health center in Raleigh, NC offers a highly-trained medical staff and professional staff to address any potential mental or behavioral health issues.  Contact us today!


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