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North Carolina is home to one of the highest percentages of military members of almost any state in the country. This high concentration is due to the location of some very critical military installations that help protect and serve our country, our government and provide support for the United States’ interests throughout the world. So with the large majority of soldiers and military members being located within this region, it’s always an excellent idea for service members to figure out what their insurance covers, as well as finding the best resources for both their physical health and mental health.

PTSD and suicide are some of the most serious issues that are facing our men and women in uniform currently.  Suicide rates have been on the rise, and there is often much confusion on how to effectively address and treat everything from PTSD to severe anxiety and depression. A diligent focus on getting help through therapy can be a great starting point, but what exactly should someone within the military do to get started?

Strategic Behavioral Health as a whole is dedicated to supporting our men and women who serve us within the military and armed forces – we accept Tricare Health Insurance for both military active duty, dependents and veterans. SBC Raleigh is especially focused on being there for military members and their families for any particular mental health issue or crisis that they are experiencing. Tricare is accepted for mental or behavioral health issues that are deemed medically necessary, and can range from Acute Inpatient Care, Family Therapy, Psychotherapy and more.

One of the biggest struggles that service members deal with in the military is facing stigmas that are still associated with mental health issues. It is sometimes in certain circles seen as “weak” to admit that one struggles with a mental health challenge, or is facing a particular behavioral health issue such as addiction, etc.  The reality is that it is 100 percent okay to be experiencing these challenges, and thousands of servicemen and women experience them just the same as you.

Consider reaching out to us if you or a loved one in the military is experiencing a mental health issue – for more information regarding your personal Tricare benefits, please visit their website here:

Contact SBC Raleigh 24/7 at 855-537-2262 to speak with a professional who can help give you answers in regards to Tricare Insurance, services we offer, and to offer a free and confidential evaluation if required.

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