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How Vets can find Help within SBH Programs


Our military veterans have served our country with tremendous courage and sacrifice. We often forget that military service is completely voluntary, and that these brave men and women serve our nation in a variety of ways, from protecting our homeland to the latest military actions to staunch the flow of terrorism sprouting throughout the world.  It often comes at a cost though, as servicemen and women have a significant risk of developing a mental health issue while enlisted.  Whether they actually get to see and experience combat in a theater of war, or if they are being deployed to far away parts of the world, veterans are at risk for suffering from a host of issues such as depression, anxiety and even suicidal behavior.

Strategic Behavioral Health is a dedicated mental health facility found throughout different parts of the United States, and we truly believe we have a winning combination when it comes to the types of treatment that we can offer military veterans, as well as different types of therapies, flexible schedules and a focus on providing the best possible mental health care for each and every veteran that walks through our doors.

We offer a host of specialized treatment tracks that allows our facility to handle a wide variety of mental health issues and behavioral health problems.  Not every case is the same, and each and every military veteran who comes through our doors is treated as a unique and individual case; a cut-and-paste approach does not work and does not provide patients with the best possible experience.

We offer:

Crisis Stabilization

This program helps service members who are dealing with a short-term crisis stabilization issue, and are in immediate danger.  They are a threat to either themselves or someone else; with this program, we focus on quickly providing the patient with the resources to develop coping skills, as well as promoting a healthy life.

Dual Diagnosis Program

Substance abuse is a serious issue and is often a difficult behavioral health problem to tackle without the proper support group and therapy. Our Dual Diagnosis helps to treat and highlight not only the substance abuse issue, but also any other mental health issue that is affecting it at the same time.


Our medical detoxification helps to cleanse the body and mind, as well as providing a medically supervised session or sessions along with the tools necessary to prevent another serious relapse.

Partial Hospitalization

For military veterans or soldiers who don’t need as intense of a therapy session, we do offer partial hospitalization, which allows one to meet 5 days a week, Monday through Friday from 9am until 3pm.

Again, not every military member is built the same in terms of their mental health, what they can handle and how their treatment lines up with the expected norm. Each veteran is a unique case and deserve to be treated as heroes; we are constantly trying to live up to that task and are proud of our offerings for military veterans who are looking to get help win the realm of mental health and behavioral health.  Contact us today for a free and confidential mental health evaluation!

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